Thomas Nelson Community College

Student Parking Permit Application

Academic Year Fall 2014–Summer 2015

Please fill out and submit this form to register for a Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) parking permit for the 2014-2015 academic year. Students with a valid TNCC Student ID Photo ID are eligible to receive one (1) vehicle permit which will allow the student to park in any "Student" parking lot on any campus of TNCC. The vehicle permit can be linked to as many as four (4) vehicles which must be declared in the "Vehicle Information" section of this application.

Once this application has been submitted, it will be available for pickup at the "Primary Campus" that has been selected in the "Student Information" section of this application in two (2) business days, excluding weekends and holidays.  If you submit a permit application from July 1-11, 2014, your permit will be available for pickup on July 21, 2014. Your valid TNCC Student Photo ID is required when picking up your permit. Permits will only be released to the student or an authorized person with a completed Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Release form.

Student Information

Student ID* Valid Student ID is 7 numeric digits long
Last Name*
First Name*
Middle Name
Address 1*
Address 2
City* State* Zip Code*
Primary Campus The Primary Campus you choose will also serve as the pickup location for your permit.

Vehicle Information

License Plate* (Vehicle #1) License State* (Vehicle #1)
License Plate (Vehicle #2) License State (Vehicle #2)
License Plate (Vehicle #3) License State (Vehicle #3)
License Plate (Vehicle #4) License State (Vehicle #4)

A field with an asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

By clicking "SUBMIT", you agree to the following:

(1) I understand that I am liable for any parking violations issued to me by the TNCC Department of Police and Security Services.  (2) I agree to either pay all assessed fines and/or applicable late fees or submit an “Appeal Application” within 10 business days after the alleged violation.  (3) I further agree to pay any citations which the Appeals Committee denies within 10 business days of the committee’s decision.  (4) I understand that I will be held responsible for all fees incurred in the efforts to collect any unpaid parking violations.  (5) I acknowledge that I am aware the TNCC Parking Regulations are available online at .  (6)  I understand that it is my obligation to become familiar with this Policy and that TNCC has the right to enforce such Rules and Regulations.  (7) Furthermore, I am aware that if my fines and/or late fees remain unpaid upon my departure from TNCC, a service indicator will be applied to my student account which may prevent me from registering for classes at Thomas Nelson Community College.