Communities of Learning

Welcome. We are delighted that you are interested in the Communities of Learning (COL) Program. The COLs consist of two or more classes linked together that create a common cohort or “community” of students, instructors, counselors and support staff. This experienced team works together overlapping assignments or themes to create an active, engaging and enjoyable learning environment for everyone.

“Most importantly you will be a part of a community that will not let you fail.” – Cynthia Betts and Jessica Deakyne, Spring 2007 Communities of Learning students

  • Get to know people and make friends in your major or area if interest right away
  • Develop a supportive network with other students, peer mentors and faculty members
  • Connect your learning in multiple classes
  • Learn about the career possibilities in your major

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Communities of Learning Program?

The COL Program is learning-focused and is based on the philosophy that you learn best when you are actively involved with the course material and actively working closely with others.

Who should participate in the Communities of Learning Program?

If you need ENG 1, 5, 111, 112, PSY 201, or PHI 220, then this may be a great program for you!

Why do I have to take all of the courses in a particular COL?

The courses in each COL are linked together to form a cohesive group. Assignments, projects and readings are shared within the group. Teamwork is a must. Because the courses are so closely linked, you really must take all of the courses in the COL group together.

What is ENG 109 and why do I have to take it?

ENG 109 focuses on learning how to identify and put to use the successful characteristics and behaviors you already have, to identify those areas where you need support, and to develop strategies to help you to achieve your own academic, personal and professional goals. When you successfully complete ENG 109, you will receive a three-credit-hour tuition scholarship to apply to the course of your choice in the final semester of your degree program.

Where can I get more specific information about COL courses and how do I register for COL courses?

New students must contact Tom Kellen in the Academic Planning Center in Griffin Hall, room 201. Returning students can contact any of the following:

Mary Dubbé
Hastings Hall
Room 419
Rick Dollieslager
Templin Hall
Room 874
Dawn Hayden
Templin Hall
Room 865
Tom Kellen
Griffin Hall
Room 220