Hampton Roads Healthcare Partnership Grant

The Peninsula Council for Workforce Development has been awarded a four-year, $5 million grant from the Department of Labor to develop the Hampton Roads Healthcare Workforce Partnership which includes TNCC. The goal of this regional initiative is to provide Technical Skills Training in healthcare to targeted local students.

The grant will last four years, until 2015. Eligible participants can receive up to $10,000 for training in an approved program. The grant will also allow One-Stop Workforce Centers (area initiatives designed to help meet local business needs through training) to increase the length of paid training for income-challenged individuals, making these programs more accessible to participants. TNCC will provide specific training in two key fields: Healthcare Practitioner and Registered Nurse.

Among the students targeted for the TNCC program are people looking to advance their healthcare certification/skills; as well as long-term (more than six months) unemployed candidates looking to increase their skill levels. Income-challenged individuals should not be deterred from finding out more; in fact, people are encouraged to contact their local One-Stop Programs (Opportunity Inc at 757.461.7537 or Peninsula Worklink at 757.766.4900) to determine their eligibility for the new training funds.

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