Employers Gain Inside Track to Free and Low-Cost Workforce Services at April 11 Summit at TNCC

Published: March 26, 2013

Peninsula companies will find an “inside track” for locating qualified workers, weathering downsizing, and accessing grants to avert layoff situations at the free Connecting the Dots Summit  held at the Peninsula Workforce Development Center in Hampton on Thursday, April 11  from 10 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.

Sponsored by Thomas Nelson Community College Workforce Development, Southeast Virginia (SEVA) Rapid Response and the Peninsula Council for Workforce Development, the Summit will link employers with free state and regional resources.

During this  Summit, speakers from the Virginia Workforce Network and other agencies will highlight connectivity opportunities, training, apprenticeships, and layoff aversion initiatives.

In today’s global economy, businesses must constantly grow or shrink to remain competitive. They are often faced with the complex task of reducing their workforce without damaging productivity, while also helping displaced workers find the training and resources they need to survive a layoff and return to the workforce as quickly as possible.

“In a time of cutting costs, increasing efficiencies, and smart business decisions, employers want the easiest way to cut through the red tape and find solutions,” says Curtis Wray,. the SEVA Rapid Response coordinator for one quarter of Virginia. Businesses have an advantage in this region in that the local, state, and federal agencies coordinate with the community colleges, the employment commission, local One Stop Centers, economic development and other needs-based partners to deliver customized assistance.

“ It is one of the toughest things a manager has to handle,” says Wray. “ But at this time, employers must be proactive and involve SEVA Rapid Response in the planning as early as possible, before taking any action. This will immediately link impacted workers with the services needed to successfully manage the transition process. In some situations, state agencies can help with layoff aversion through funding, training or other strategies.”

“The worst thing for a displaced worker to hear an employer say is, “had I known these services were available, I would have done things differently.” The goal is to empower employers and workers to make the best decisions possible as early as possible.”

Register online or call 757-825-3453 by April 4. The Peninsula Workforce Development Center is located at 600 Butler Farm Road.

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