Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician Certificate

Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program is a Career Studies Certificate that can be earned as a standalone credential for someone who is already working in a related field, or can be earned as part of an A.A.S in Information Systems Technology.  All courses in the program are offered in a Distance Learning format.

Courses Required

Total Minimum Credits 22

For more information about this career studies certificate, contact the Business, Public Services, Information Systems and Mathematics Division in room 122 Diggs Hall, 757/825-2900, or

Why should I Certify?

Certification credentials will assist students when entering the job market. It lets employers know that you are good at what you do. Also, if you are planning on continuing your education, the certificate will be your beginning foundation. GIS certification is a collaborative and inclusive avenue when pursuing other related fields of study. It may even assist you if applying for scholarship.