Library & Academic Computer Lab Printing Fees Effective Spring Semester 2011

Published: January 10, 2011

Thomas Nelson Community College’s (TNCC)  Academic Computer Labs (ACL) and libraries have launched a new print payment system that charges 10 cents per page for computer printouts effective this spring semester. Print Payment Center machines are located on both campuses enabling students to place funds on printing accounts. Before using a Print Payment Center machine, a student must set up an account at the library circulation desk to receive a card for permanent use.

New students who have not been issued TNCC ID cards and community members can create temporary printing accounts. As a convenience, no library visit is necessary for a 90-pass; payment center machines print 90-day passes at the time of use. Library officials advise temporary pass holders to only deposit the amount of money they plan to use in a 90-day period because unused funds cannot be refunded when the pass expires. Temporary users must also note that lost passes will result in loss of all money placed on the 90-day pass.

Users of the new print payment system can place up to $10 on their accounts (accounts cannot exceed $10 at any time). As a plus, all printing account numbers and 90-day cards are recognized by Library and ACL computers on both campuses.

Students and other patrons may place money on their printing accounts as follows:

  • Log in at the payment center machine
  • Select type of account
  • If a patron selects the “Deposit to My Account” option, the bar-coded card is required
  • If a patron selects the “create a 90-day pass” option, the machine prints a pass.
  • After selecting the type of account, follow directions on the screen

Print Payment Center machines accept bills in $1 and $5 dominations, coins (no pennies), MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Patrons should note that entire amount deposited will be applied to their accounts. The machines do not give change, nor will refunds be provided at any time.

Historic Triangle campus officials advise students to bring hard copies of class schedules (needed to obtain TNCC ID) and vehicle registration (required for TNCC parking pass application) on the first day of classes.

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