Graphing Calculator Policy

Graphing Calculator Loan Agreement

Thomas Nelson Community College Library


The Historic Triangle campus of Thomas Nelson Community College offers, for check out, the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator.

In signing this agreement, I understand that I am financially responsible for any damage to the graphing calculator while it is checked out to me. I agree to pay the replacement cost associated with damage to, loss of, or theft of the graphing valculator.

Replacement cost for the device is $150.00.

I agree to return the graphing calculator on or before its due date to the circulation desk at the TNCC Historic Triangle campus library from where it was checked out. I will NOT return the graphing calculator to the book drop.

I understand that the loan period for the graphing calculator is 3 days, and that the graphing calculator is not subject to renewal, though may be checked out again after a 24 hour waiting period. I agree that if the graphing calculator becomes 10 or more days overdue, I will incur a mandatory, non-refundable replacement fee.


I acknowledge that failure to pay any amount owed will be considered an outstanding debt to Thomas Nelson Community College.  College policy requires that obligations not paid within 30 days of billing (40 days overdue) be sent to a collection agency and a 15.5% non-refundable collection fee added to the total debt.   Library debts will be reported to the State Department of Taxation, and any state refunds or payments will be held until replacement fees are paid.  In addition, a hold may be placed against student accounts which will prevent the ability to register, request transcripts, and graduate until all obligations have been satisfied.

I agree that failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.


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