Help College Archives Team Identify Historic Photos

July 10, 2017
Image for Help College Archives Team Identify Historic Photos

As part of preparations for Thomas Nelson Community College’s 50th anniversary observances, the Archives team is digitizing and cataloging numerous photographs documenting College life from the 1960s through the present. Your help in identifying people and events in historic photos, such the one above showing past College leaders at the Historic Triangle campus groundbreaking ceremony, is beneficial to the effort.

To date, over 1,600 photos have been included and more are being added. View the collections at The photos are grouped into albums based on date or event, or they can be viewed as a single collection in the Photostream. Flickr provides a comments field where registered users can add information about the images. This is where we are seeking assistance. 

To add comments, you’ll need a Flickr account. Register for a free account at Then, browse through the images and add any information you have about the people and events in the images. The Archives staff will receive the comments and update the photo descriptions and catalog. If you would rather not register with Flickr but still have information about any of the photos, please email us at  We also have registered workstations in the Archives Room (Wythe Hall, 253) where anyone can visit, peruse the photo collections and add comments. 

Additionally, if you have any photographs or other materials which you think may be of historic value to the College, please consider bringing them to the Archives.  We would be happy to provide a permanent home or scan and return materials as you wish.