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ICS / SCADA Security

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Learn the required skills to help protect the national infrastructure against digital threats from around the world including industrial espionage, state sponsored cyber-attacks, and other malicious activity. Discussion of appropriate terminology, security methodology, limiting factors, and other influences on critical SCADA/ICS systems. This course also covers Industrial Control Systems and SCADA cybersecurity vulnerabilities, threats and mitigating controls. This course provides hands-on analysis of control system environments allowing students to understand the environmental, operational and economic impacts of attacks like Stuxnet and supporting mitigating controls. Hands on exercises for testing these systems:

Course Objectives

  • Design a ICS / SCADA Security Policy 
  • Implement access control to field devices with Microsoft Active Directory 
  • Intercept and analyze Modbus/TCP network traffic with a sniffer 
  • Initiate unauthorized commands to field device 
  • Setup and configure a Modbus/TCP firewall

Tuition: $2,225 (Includes student materials cost)

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