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The Microsoft Office Applications Specialist Certification is designed for you to specialize in the Microsoft Office suite of business applications. To achieve this certification, you must demonstrate your ability to utilize the advanced functionality of these Microsoft Office applications. By developing advanced skills with Microsoft's leading business software, you will be qualified, for the modern workplace. To earn the Office Specialist Certification, you must complete all of the classes listed for the program.

Keyboarding I & II Combo - $285
18 hours/1.8 CEUs

Build your keyboarding skill and strengthen your foundation through practice and hands on exercises. For all levels, emphasis is on good keyboarding technique, touch-typing, and building speed while increasing accuracy. Even if you have little or no keyboarding experience, this course is for you.

Windows I - $200
12 hours/1.2 CEUs

Learn to work with multiple applications at a time by moving text and graphics. Use the help feature, practice right mouse functions, and keyboard shortcuts. Create, search and find folders and files. Discover basic file management techniques and customize window settings.

Word I - $305
16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Use Microsoft Word software to create and edit documents and tables, and format text and paragraphs.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Windows I or Windows challenge exam.

Word II - $305
16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Learn to add illustrations and graphics, create a web page, customize documents with styles and templates, and merge documents. Sort tables and data, and import items from other office Microsoft Office software and the Internet into Word documents.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Word I or Word I challenge exam.

Excel I - $305
16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Use spreadsheet software to build, edit and format worksheets, develop charts, and work with formulas and functions.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Windows I or Windows challenge exam.

Excel II - $305
16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Learn to manage workbooks, process macros, sort and analyze data, and enhance charts.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Excel I or Excel I challenge exam.

PowerPoint I - $305
16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Use presentation software to create slides, insert clipart and logos, work with transitions, and create special effects.Prerequisites: Successful completion of Windows I or Windows challenge exam.

PowerPoint II - $305
16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Enhance charts and graphs with sound and animations, integrate tables and charts from other applications, create a presentation within a presentation, and publish presentations for the World Wide Web.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of PowerPoint I.

Access I & II Combo - $670
32 hours/3.2 CEUs

Learn to build a simple relational database. Create and edit tables, forms, filters and queries, develop forms with sub forms and tabs, develop reports, manage database objects, and create a switchboard.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Windows I or Windows challenge exam and Word I or Excel I.

Outlook - $180
12 hours/1.2 CEUs

Learn to manage email, appointments, task lists, calendars and contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Setup of personal email through Outlook for practice is suggested.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Windows I or Windows challenge exam.

NOTE: A flash drive is required for all computer courses. Textbooks must be purchased separately. See Booklist.  Certification exam vouchers must be purchased separately.


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