Technical Studies: Industrial Technology - Associate Degree

Technical Studies: Industrial Technology - Associate Degree

Program Details
Associate of Applied Science
Academic Division: 
Science, Engineering, and Technology

Your career in industrial technology is closer than you think.

Enroll in Thomas Nelson’s Technical Studies program and specialize in Industrial Technology. The associate degree program prepares students for employment in a variety of industries. The comprehensive curriculum incorporates basic and advanced manufacturing techniques as well as skilled mechanical and electrical principles and applications. The program provides knowledge of traditional manufacturing techniques as well as emerging technologies. Areas include industrial automation, industrial mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical systems, electronic equipment, renewable energy, fiber optics, process controls and more.


With an associate degree in Technical Studies, you will be qualified for entry-level positions that involve programming, repairing, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining equipment and systems. Students who complete this program can become:

  • manufacturing technicians
  • control system operators
  • hydraulic/pneumatic system operators
  • production control technicians
  • maintenance technicians
  • industrial automation technicians
  • renewable energy technicians

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