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Trades Electrician

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Manufacturing & Construction Trades

The residential electrician program is designed to train basic electrical skills used in the home building industry. The program is a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction with an emphasis on Safety, Math, and Theory balanced with hands-on tool usage while installing electrical circuits of 110 and 220 voltages. blue print reading, correct grounding principles, as well as low voltage installs are presented. 

Students will demonstrate complete safety awareness in the general construction atmosphere to include electrical safety, fire safety, and tool safety. Proper methods for securing power and correct electrical grounding procedures. Circuit recognition from drawings with the ability to correctly install from the prints. Ability to troubleshoot and correct electrical problems. Students will be able to graduate with confidence in their job hunting skills as well as their ability to perform many tasks involved in their new career. 

  • Electrician (Core + Level 1)  
  • Electrician (Level 2) 

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