Assessment Resources

Know of a great resource? Share it with us:

  • American Association of Colleges and Universities– Assessment: Webpage devoted to initiatives, institutes, assessment resources, and various publications on assessment data.
  • American Association of Colleges and Universities- VALUE Rubrics: This site has vetted rubrics constructed by faculty across the country, including areas of critical thinking, analysis, communication, information literacy, qualitative literacy, global learning, and more.  Interested parties will have to enter an email address and provide some brief information on how the rubrics are going to be used.
  • ASSESS Listserv– UK: Listserv sponsored by the University of Kentucky on assessment.  Provides archives of discussions on assessment from 1996 to the present, from institutions across the country.  Individuals may subscribe to the listserv by choosing “Subscriber’s Corner.”
  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation– Accreditation Tool Kit: PDF that includes information for students, faculty, presidents, boards, and accrediting organizations.  Contains links on accreditation, student learning outcomes, academic integrity, and academic freedom.
  • Education Advisory Board– Based out of Washington D.C., EAB “provides best practice research and practical advice to leaders of academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs, continuing, online, and professional education, and community colleges across North America.” Individuals will have to create a member profile and login in with valid .edu credentials to access the forums.  There is a particular forum dedicated to community colleges.
  • James Madison University– The Center for Assessment & Research Studies: Website devoted to assessment at JMU.  Includes links on assessment instruments, research, and resources.  “Resources” area provides background information on the purpose of assessment and the assessment process.
  • NC State University– Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment: This NC State University maintained page provides a litany of web links on assessment. It includes general resources, assessment handbooks, assessment of specific skills or content, as well as assessment related pages of individual intuitions (which includes a large number of community colleges).
  • University of Hawaii– Examples of Program Assessment: PDF that provides articles and dissertations on recent assessment research.
  • University of West Florida: A focus on developing rubrics/scoring guides, along with links to other higher education institutions on rubric creation and examples.