Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation, Inc. Scholarships

The application period for the 2018-2019 academic year is currently closed.

The primary period during which the Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation, Inc. (Foundation) makes the majority of its scholarship awards is from April 1st through July 31st for the upcoming school year with classes starting in late August. The application period for the upcoming academic year opens on March 1st. Most scholarship awards are an annual commitment for both the fall and spring semesters. However, the Foundation generally has some limited scholarship funding for the spring and summer semesters, so it is worth visiting this website in April and October to see if that is the case.

Foundation scholarships can be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other related educational expenses. Foundation scholarships are used first toward tuition and fees. Federal and state monies are used to pay remaining expenses.

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required to receive and maintain a scholarship award, unless otherwise specified in the scholarship criteria description.  A student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for scholarship assistance. If you are in default on any student loans, you will not be eligible for any scholarships. The Foundation reserves the right to adjust scholarship award amounts, as well as to revise the number of scholarships offered, without notice.

For additional information, contact the Foundation at or by phone at (757) 825-2719, or visit us at the Hampton campus, Hampton III Building, Suite 716.

How to Apply

  • Prior to submitting a Foundation Scholarship Application, students must:
    1. Apply for admission to Thomas Nelson Community College
    2. Enroll in a curriculum at Thomas Nelson Community College 
    3. Be registered for classes for the current term or for an upcoming term at the College.
    4. Federal Student Aid. Students do not need to apply for financial aid in order to receive some scholarships.  Students need to apply for financial aid if the scholarship lists a financial need requirement. Use the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) website at to apply, and call the  Financial Aid Office at 1-855-877-3945 with any questions.
  • Complete an online Foundation Scholarship Application located at  Use your MyTNCC username and password to log in.
  • Write your scholarship application essay. The essay is a critical part of the process because often, scholarship committees value the content in student essays more than GPAs. Explain your educational and career goals. Tell how receiving scholarship assistance would help you reach your educational goals. Make sure your essay is grammatically correct. Check to make sure you respond to all specific questions if required. 
  • High school applicants, for letters of recommendation, select a current teacher and guidance counselor who know you and your accomplishments well.   Make sure you give those you’ve asked for recommendation letters sufficient time to complete them. Obtain an email address from your references so that they may respond to your request.

Scholarship Applications are reviewed on the basis of:

  • completeness
  • FAFSA data
  • specific scholarship criteria
  • academic achievement
  • financial need
  • extracurricular activities
  • community involvement/public service

Application Tips

  • Complete the online Scholarship Application by the required deadline.
  • Priority deadline for the FAFSA is May 1 for the fall term and November 1 for the spring and summer terms.

Withdrawal Policy

In order to be eligible for continued scholarship assistance, students must complete courses during the semester for which the scholarship is awarded and maintain GPA requirements. Students who withdraw from classes will not be eligible for a renewable scholarship to continue in subsequent semesters (i.e., a scholarship that is awarded in the fall and divided equally between the fall and spring semesters). Exceptions may be granted to the withdrawal policy. These exceptions will be based on individual circumstances. Requests for an exception must be submitted to the Educational Foundation in writing prior to the beginning of the next scholarship award period. Submission of a request for exception does not guarantee that an exception will be made.

Title GPA Amount Semester
Angel & Rosa Espada Scholarship 2.0 500 Fall
Charles & Mary Hastings Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,000 Spring
College Board Scholar Scholarship 3.5 1,500 Spring
Dr. J. P. Hill Scholarship 2.5 400 Fall
Elizabeth Southall James Thompson Memorial Scholarship 3.0 800 Spring and Fall
Gayle K. Blankenship Memorial Scholarship 2.5 2,500 Spring and Fall
George A. Orphanidys, Sr. Scholarship 3.0 500 Fall
George S. Ames Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,400 Fall
Hampton Roads Automobile Dealer’s Association (HRADA) Scholarship 2.5 2,200 Spring and Fall
Howmet Corporation Scholarship 2.0 1,000 Spring and Fall
Irene Morgan Scholarship 3.0 1,500 Fall
J. Frank Benson Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,200 Fall
Jacqueline Lefebvre Memorial Scholarship 3.0 1,000 Fall
James & Virginia Taylor Nursing & Dental Hygiene Scholarship 2.5 2,000 Spring and Fall
James Allison Memorial Scholarship 3.0 100 Fall
JBH Memorial Scholarship Any 2,000
John F. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship 3.0 100 Fall
John R. Lawson Scholarship 2.5 1,200 Spring and Fall
Jonathan Romero Nursing Scholarship Fund Any 500
L. Nelson Farley Scholarship 2.0 Varies Spring and Fall
Linda Moroz Scholarship 3.0 500 Fall
Loraine & Louis Drucker Scholarship 2.5 1,500 Fall
Marge Funk Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,500 Spring and Fall
Mark Daniel Wyatt Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,500 Fall
Mary Immaculate Hospital Scholarship 2.5 1,100 Fall
Noland Company Scholarship 2.5 Fall
Patrick Eugene Brown and Eugene C. Steinbrenner Memorial Scholarship 3.0 Varies Spring and Fall
Presidential Scholar Scholarship 3.5 1,500 Spring and Fall
Ranae Kszepka Memorial Scholarship 2.25 100 Fall
Ray Muzia Scholarship 500 Spring and Fall
Riverside Regional Medical Center Scholarship – Fund 2.5 1,200 Fall
Robert and Gail Astor Scholarship Fund 3.0 5,000 Spring and Fall
Robert B. Smith Scholarship 2.5 2,500 Spring or Fall
Rodgers & Elizabeth Smith Scholarship Fund 2.0 1,500 Spring or Fall
Sentara Healthcare Scholarship 2.0 1,200 Spring and Fall
Siemens Corporation Commonwealth Legacy Scholar Scholarship Any 3,600 Fall
Siemens VDO Automotive Corporation Scholarships 2.5 1,500 Fall
Sons of the American Revolution Scholarship 3.0 1,000 Spring and Fall
Student Nursing Association Scholarship 3.2 500 Fall
SunTrust Bank Scholarship 2.5 1,000 Fall
Tess Matteson Scholarship Fund Any 1,000 Spring or Fall
The Dr. Angela J. Giles & Marie A. Giles Scholarship 3.0 Spring and Fall
The Greater Hampton Roads Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (GHRC-NDIA) Scholarship 3.0 2,500 Spring or Fall
The Historic Triangle Rotary Foundation Annual Scholarship Fund 1,000 Spring or Fall
The James Funk Scholarship Endowment Fund 2.5 1,500 Spring and Fall
The Lois Furick Legacy of Safehaven Scholarship Fund Any 1,000 Fall
The Louise H. Young Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,200 Spring
The William and Janice Grace Endowed Scholarship Fund Any Varies Spring or Fall
The William E. Wood and Associates Foundation Scholarship 3.0 2,500 Spring and Fall
The Wyneta and Allan Messick/Bayliss/McKenzie Electricians Endowed Scholarship 2,500 Spring and Fall
Thomas Nelson Business Scholarship for Single Women 2.0 300 Fall
Thomas Nelson Business Scholarship Fund 2.5 300 Spring or Fall
Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation, Inc. Scholarship 2.5 1,200 Spring and Fall
Thomas S. Belcher Memorial Scholarship 2.5 1,000 Spring and Fall
Virginia AeroSpace Business Association Scholarship 3.0 1,000 Spring or Fall
Wythe Women’s Club Millie Brown Scholarship 3.0 1,000 Fall
York County Volunteer Association (YCVA) Endowed Scholarship for Workforce Students 1,000 Spring and Fall