SAILS Early Alert System

SAILS is an early alert system, which allows instructors to identify early in the term students who are having issues with attendance, behavior, participation, and low quiz/test scores. The instructor and student services staff work together to connect the student to appropriate on-campus and off-campus resources.

Students can access SAILS by either going to the front page of their Blackboard account or by going to their MyTNCC account. SAILS is listed on the left side of the page in both locations.

In SAILS, students may see faculty and staff in their “Network”. By clicking on members of their “Network”, they can access email addresses and phone numbers, and make appointments. Information on all student services is available in SAILS. If a student needs tutoring, assistance with financial aid, or academic planning, they can locate these services in SAILS and make appointments to address their needs.

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