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Medical Laboratory Courses Offered @ TNCC

Course Description and Pre-requisites
MDL 100 Introduction to Medical Lab Technology
(2 credits) Permission of Program Director required. Introduces the basic principles, techniques, and vocabulary applicable to all phases of medical laboratory technology. Lecture I hour + lab 3 hours = total 4 hours per week.
MDL 105 Phlebotomy
(3 credits) Permission of Program Director required. Introduces basic medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, components of health care delivery and clinical laboratory structure. Teaches techniques of specimen collection, specimen handling, and patient interactions. Lecture 2 hours + lab 3 hours = total 5 hours per week.
MDL 106 Clinical Phlebotomy
(4 credits) Prerequisite(s): MDL 100 and MDL 105. Focuses on obtaining blood specimens, processing specimens, managing assignments, assisting with and/or performing specified tests, performing clerical duties and maintaining professional communication. Provides supervised learning in college laboratory and/or cooperating agencies. Lecture 2 hours + lab 6 hours = total 8 hours per week.