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Drafting Courses Offered @ TNCC

Course Description and Pre-requisites
DRF 136 Descriptive Geometry for Drafting
(2 credits) Gives analysis and graphic presentation of the space relationship of fundamental geometric elements as point, line, plane, curved surfaces, development, and vectors. Lecture 1 hour + lab 3 hours total 4 hours per week.
DRF 161 Blueprint Reading I
(2 credits) Teaches the application of basic principles, visualization, orthographic projection, detail of drafting shop processes and terminology, assembly drawings and exploded views. Considers dimensioning, changes and corrections, classes of fits, tolerances and allowances, sections and convention in blueprint reading. Lecture 1 hours. Laboratory 2 hours. Total 3 hours per week.
DRF 212 Advanced Technical Drafting II
(3 credits) Prerequisite(s): DRF 211. Teaches concepts of sheet metal fabrication including radii, fillets and tolerances, electrical and electronics symbols and drawing, and advanced design drafting techniques. Lecture 2 hours + lab 3 hours = total 5 hours per week.
DRF 227 Computer Aided Machining II
(4 credits) Prerequisite(s): DRF 226. Teaches advanced modeling techniques for creating swept, blended, revolved and ruled surfaces, as well as how to transfer design intent into complex assemblies. Students will learn advanced 5 axis milling machine techniques and the use of fixtures machined in place in order to facilitate repetitive procedures. Lecture 3 hours + lab 2 hours = total 5 hours per week.
DRF 255 Piping Design
(3 credits) Prerequisite(s): DRF 211. Teaches fundamental principles of designing piping systems, including development of diagrams, arrangements, and schemes with information concerning standards and specifications of the components of typical systems. Lecture 1 hour + lab 5 hours = total 6 hours per week.