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Financial Aid

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The Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation, Inc., offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to students with diverse interests and backgrounds. Students may learn about eligibility criteria and application procedures on the College Financial Aid website.

Veterans Affairs

Active duty service-members, veterans, and their qualified dependents may be eligible for VA education benefits authorized under specific chapters of Title 38 of the U.S. Code. This office provides specialized customer services and information to assist students in establishing eligibility for and receipt of VA education benefits. This office cannot determine eligibility, but can assist in the submission of applications and supporting documents. Only the Department of Veterans Affairs can determine student eligibility for benefits. The primary function of this office is to certify and report enrollment information to the VA to facilitate the receipt of benefits by eligible students.

Nelnet Tuition Payment

Paying for the rising costs of a college education is a concern for nearly every student and family. The fact is, few of us have the resources to simply write a check for the full cost of tuition each semester. So how are you meeting your costs? What’s your plan? Do you have one? Having a solid plan for covering the cost of college is an important step toward graduation. Thomas Nelson Community College is pleased to enlist the services of Nelnet to make the process easier for you. Working together, Thomas Nelson Community College and Nelnet will provide you with sensible strategies for covering the rising costs of college.