The Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation, Inc., offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to students with diverse interests and backgrounds. Students may learn about eligibility criteria and application procedures on the College Financial Aid website.

What kinds of scholarships are available?

Each year the TNCC Educational Foundation, Inc. awards over 50 scholarships in excess of $50,000. The amounts of each award may vary from year to year. Generally, they fall between $500 and $1,200. Awards may be used for tuition, books and necessary supplies at TNCC. Students who receive scholarship awards are only eligible to receive the amount equivalent to the cost of their tuition, books and supplies for the indicated award period. Unused funds will be returned to the account.

How do I apply?

A standard scholarship application form is required for most scholarship opportunities. The application form is found in the scholarship booklet which can be obtained from the TNCC Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, the Office of Development or printed directly from online version of the scholarship booklet. One application may be used to apply for up to five (5) scholarships per semester. Scholarship applications should be turned in to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships by the deadlines outlined in the scholarship description.

A committee established by the TNCC Educational Foundation, Inc. reviews applications and awards scholarships.

Thomas Nelson Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation founded to generate support for Thomas Nelson Community College by raising funds, increasing visibility, and strengthening partnerships between the College and state and local communities.

For more information about establishing a scholarship click here or call 757-825-2719.

TNCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Policies»

  • Scholarships Covering Tuition, Fees and Books
    Students awarded scholarships to cover tuition and/or fees and/or books will only be able to apply the scholarship for tuition and fees incurred at Thomas Nelson Community College for the classes taken during the semester(s) that the scholarship is awarded. The scholarship will cover the cost of any book that is listed as required and/or recommended by the professors of the classes taken during the semester(s) that the scholarship is awarded. Books cannot be purchased for future classes, nor can they be purchased for other students taking classes. 

    • Please note that in some cases, the cost of tuition, fees and books may be less than the scholarship awarded. Any remaining funds will be returned to the Foundation.
    • If a scholarship specifies that it is for a student in a particular curriculum, students must take at least one class required for that curriculum during the semester(s) for which the scholarship is awarded. Students must meet all scholarship requirements after census for TNCC in order for the scholarship to be awarded.
  • Withdraw Policy
    In order to be eligible for future scholarships, students should complete the courses during the semester for which the scholarship is awarded and maintain GPA requirements for the scholarship they are awarded. Students who withdraw from classes will not be eligible for a renewable scholarship to continue in subsequent semesters (i.e. a scholarship that is awarded in the fall for the fall and renewable for the spring), and will not be eligible to apply for a new scholarship until they have successfully completed one semester of classes, which were not paid for by a scholarship from the TNCC Educational Foundation, Inc.. 

    • Exceptions may be granted to the withdraw policy as well as the policy that requires a student to go for one semester without a TNCC Educational Foundation scholarship. These exceptions will be based on individual circumstances. Requests for an exception must be submitted to the Executive Director of the TNCC Educational Foundation in writing prior to the beginning of the next scholarship award period. Submission of a request for exception does not guarantee that an exception will be made.
    • If you encounter a situation that may require you to withdraw from classes, please contact Lisa Smith at 825-3508, the Director of Scholarships, to discuss the circumstances leading up to this decision. Lisa can advise you about your options. You can also contact the Office of Development at (757) 825-2719.