Career Coaching

This program focuses on increasing the number of high school students enrolling in early college placement programs or earning business/industry certification. Currently, TNCC Career Coaches provide services to high school students in several peninsula school divisions. The goal of the career coach program is to increase the number of high school graduates prepared for employment, postsecondary education (particularly in career and technical education fields), and enrollment in formal career pathways.

Career Pathways Program

Career Pathways are a comprehensive program that provide a seamless transition for students from secondary to postsecondary education and the skilled workforce, and that position students for high wage, high demand, and/or high skill careers. A Career Pathway is a coherent sequence of rigorous academic and career/technical education (CTE) courses commencing in the secondary school and leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree and beyond, to industry-recognized certification, and/or to nationally or state-recognized licensure. Career Pathways are developed, implemented, and maintained by partnerships of secondary and postsecondary education, business, and employers.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is a program that allows high school students to earn college and high school credit concurrently. This credit may support a post secondary diploma, certificate, or degree at a Virginia public institution and may also be applied to a high school diploma.

Honors Program

The purpose of the Thomas Nelson Community College Honors Program is to provide the academically advanced student an enhanced educational experience beyond the requirements of a traditional classroom environment. The Honors Program provides an environment of heightened intellectual inquiry which furthers critical thinking skills, communication skills, and an appreciation of an interdisciplinary approach to global awareness. Honors courses are limited to small enrollments and are facilitated by seasoned faculty members who encourage active participation from the honors student in the learning experience.

Middle College Program

The Middle College program is an educational and career development training program offered at Thomas Nelson Community College free of charge to young adults between the ages of 18-24 who did not complete high school and have a desire to improve the quality of their lives.

Students In Free Enterprise

SIFE is a global non-profit organization active in more that 47 countries., 1,500+ Colleges and Universities with 38,000+ students. SIFE is funded by financial contribution from corporations, entrepreneurs, foundations, government agencies and individuals. Working in Partnership with business and higher education, SIFE establishes student teams on college campuses. These teams are led by faculty advisors and they are challenged to develop community outreach projects that reach SIFE’s six educational topics.

Teacher Preparation Program

STEP (Seamless Teacher Education Program) is a unique collaborative initiative in teacher education between Old Dominion University (ODU) and Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC. The partnership is jointly staffed and supported by both institutions. STEP addresses the dramatic need for new highly qualified teachers, and responds to Virginia’s critical shortage of 12,000 teachers and, in particular, the 800 per year, in Hampton Roads and the Virginia Peninsula.

Virginia Higher Education Wizard

Let the Wizard help you choose a career, get the information you need to pursue your career, find the college that is right for you, pay for college, transfer from a community college to a university, and get answers to your questions about your future.

William & Mary Co-Enrollment Program

The TNCC-W&M Co-Enrollment Program allows students to prepare for guaranteed admission to the College of William and Mary while completing an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at TNCC.  Co-enrolled students complete up to five (5) three or four-credit courses at W&M, to be applied toward their associates degree programs.  Besides earning a guarantee of admission to the College of William and Mary (upon successful program completion).