Early College Scholars

Early College Scholars is an exciting partnership between Thomas Nelson Community College and area high schools to offer a collegiate experience to high school seniors.

Early College Scholars begin by taking transferable college level dual enrollment courses in their home high school such as History 121/122 and English 111/112. In the fall of their senior year, they apply to come to TNCC to participate in the on-campus portion of the program.

Students take up to 12 credit hours of college courses that are transferable to four year colleges and universities in Virginia. Students participate in student life and activities, and take a Student Development course designed just for them.  They will learn college expectations, utilize college resources, and receive a collegiate experience right here at TNCC. The school division provides a liaison to provide support and assistance who is on campus at all times when the students are here.

Students are graduating with an Advanced Diploma and between 15 and 30 college credits! Students who participated in the Early Scholars program in 2012 transferred their TNCC credist to Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Norfolk State University, George Mason University, James Madison University, Longwood University, and Georgia State University.

TNCC currently has partnerships with Newport News Public Schools and Hampton City Schools. Both school divisions assist the students with tuition costs. Transportation and books are provided at no cost to the student.

TNCC Contact:

Jennie Patteson
Phone: (757) 825-2706

Monica Pinier
Phone: (757) 825-3452

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the Early College Scholars program?» What are the benefits of participating in the Early College Scholars program?» Who is eligible for the Early College Scholars Program?» What courses are available?» Where do classes meet?» What transportation is available?» What will it cost?»

The Early College Scholars program is a program developed in partnership with Newport News Public Schools and Hampton City Schools. It is designed for qualified high school students who plan to attend a college or university after they graduate from high school. The program offers students an opportunity to earn at least 18 credit hours of college-level courses prior to graduation from high school.

  • Earn transferable college credits while still in high school at community college tuition rates
  • Take classes at TNCC and obtain all rights and privileges of TNCC students
  • Take smaller sized classes with greater interaction with other college students.
  • Continuing to participate in all high school extracurricular activities

  • Students who are enrolled in a participating high school
  • Students who place into TNCC’s English Composition I and II (ENG 111-112) through the compass placement test.
  • Students who successfully complete all the college courses with a grade of C or better in the fall term of their senior year through the dual enrollment program at their high school.

Early College Scholars select courses from the Approved General Education Transfer Elective list. They must meet all placement test and perquisite requirements before registering for the courses.

After successfully completing the college level courses at their high schools through the existing dual enrollment program, Early College Scholars attend classes at TNCC’s Hampton campus in the spring semester with other TNCC students. Students are integrated into the college’s regular courses.

Newport News Public Schools and Hampton City Schools provide bus transportation to and from TNCC’S Hampton Campus for those students participating in the program.

The cost of the program is the current tuition and fees rate for TNCC. Each participating school division covers part of the cost of the program for the students. Contact your school to find out the specifics.