Office of Secondary School Programs

The mission of the Office of Secondary School Programs is to provide post-secondary opportunities, information, and career planning activities to high school students in public and private schools in the service region of Hampton, Newport News, York, Poquoson, and Williamsburg-James City County.

The Office includes:

  • The Dual Enrollment Program, which provides rigorous college level courses to qualified high school juniors and seniors
  • The Career Coach Program, where TNCC Career Coaches based in local high school assist students with their college and career plans after high school
  • The Career Pathway Program, where TNCC provides educational pathways from high school to college and career in high-demand fields that meet the needs of local business and industry.

Additionally, the Office of Secondary School Programs plans and executes several events throughout the year to build and enhance relationships with local school divisions. such as the Principal and Counselor Breakfast in the fall, and Open House and Senior Opportunity Day in the spring.

Phone : (757) 825-2905

Contact Information

Kris Rarig
Director of Enrollment Management
(757) 825-2905

Jennie Patteson
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
(757) 825-2706

Joyce Watson
Career Coach (Bethel)
(757)  825-3524

Nichole Adkins
Career Coach (Lafayette)
(757) 258-6530

Monica Pinier
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
(757) 825-3452 

Susan Generazio
Career Coach (New Horizon Regional Education Center)
(757)766-1100 ext: 3354

uzy Lindley
Career Coach (Warhill)
(757) 565-9107

Erin Nobile
Career Coach (Heritage)
(757) 928-6100 ext. 17539


Fall Events

  • High School Open House Nights (August – September)
  • Youth Career Café, NetCenter & Patrick Henry Mall (August-December)
  • Dual Enrollment Training Presentations for Teachers (August)
  • High School Back to School Nights (September – October)
  • Dual Enrollment Registration (August 30 – September 10)
  • Principal and Counselor Breakfast (November)

Spring Events

  • Dual Enrollment Registration (Feb 1 – 15th)
  • TNCC Open Housees, HT and Hampton Campuses
  • High School Career Fairs (March – May)
  • Senior Opportunity Day (April)