William & Mary Co-Enrollment Program

Program Purpose

The TNCC-W&M Co-Enrollment Program allows students to prepare for guaranteed admission to the College of William and Mary while completing an associate degree at TNCC.  Co-enrolled students complete up to five (5) three- or four-credit courses at W&M as part of their associate degree progress.  Besides a guarantee of admission to W&M (upon successful program completion, described below), co-enrollees enjoy other benefits, including:

  • selection of general education courses from W&M’s broad range of course offerings
  • payment of TNCC tuition rates for their W&M co-enrollment courses
  • an early opportunity to explore and grow comfortable with the W&M campus
  • a valuable, early experience with the level of academic challenge offered at W&M
  • exposure to the cultural stimulation of W&M’s diverse and active campus

For detailed information about the TNCC-W&M Co-Enrollment Program, please contact:

Thomas A. Rockson
Program Coordinator
938 Templin Hall, Hampton Campus
(757) 825-3819 or (757) 258-6645

Latasha Holmes
Administrative Assistant to the Provost
Historic Triangle Campus
(757) 253-4880

Program Admission

To be eligible for co-enrollment, students must:

  • enroll in a transfer Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree program at TNCC, excluding the Associate of Science in General Studies program,
  • complete at least 15 credit hours of general education courses toward the TNCC associate degree; course work must be completed at TNCC, subsequent to graduation from high school,
  • maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in those initial general education courses.

The ideal co-enrollment candidate is a mature, hard-working, self-motivated learner prepared for the challenge of taking college-level courses at two different schools simultaneously.  Applicants should carefully consider whether they have the time and ability to travel regularly between the campuses of TNCC and W&M, to take all co-enrollment courses on the W&M campus during daytime hours, and to devote a considerable number of their weekly hours to study.

Eligible students should submit a completed Application for Co-Enrollment (pdf) to the program coordinator as early as possible after completion of the above eligibility requirements.

Program Completion

Program graduates will earn guaranteed admission to W&M as degree candidates if they have:

  • remained continuously enrolled at TNCC until receiving the associate degree,
  • completed the TNCC degree within the past three years prior to matriculation at W&M,
  • earned at least 45 of the credit hours required for the associate degree through the Virginia Community College System since graduation from high school; credit hours earned at W&M during co-enrollment will be included in this total,
  • completed successfully at least four courses, each carrying three or four credit hours, at W&M, with a grade point average of not less than 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale) in those courses,
  • achieved a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale) at TNCC,
  • submitted a “Co-Enrollment Application for Admission,” along with official transcripts from TNCC and all other institutions attended, to the W&M Office of Undergraduate Admission; application materials are due by February 15 for the fall semester and by November 1 for the spring semester. The application fee will be waived.  Acceptance is conditional upon receipt of a final transcript from TNCC and verification that the student has met the conditions outlined above

For a full description of program requirements, contact Thomas Rockson, Program Coordinator:

  • Email: rocksont@tncc.edu
  • Phone, Hampton Campus: (757) 825-3819
  • Phone, Historic Triangle Campus:  (757) 258-6645