Mental Health Screenings

Confidential and Anonymous Mental Health Screenings

Screenings with immediate online feedback for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol, and trauma

The goal of counseling support services is to assist students in developing skills to make intelligent decisions regarding their educational, career, personal and social issues.

Community Resources

Our offices work closely with community agencies and resources to make referrals based upon the needs of the student, when appropriate.

Thank you for completing this screening and if necessary please contact these local agencies for an assessment and further assistance:

Other Community Resources

  • Hampton Newport News CSB: (757) 788-0200 or 0011 Crisis 788-0300, 300 Medical Drive, Hampton VA
  • Colonial Services Board: (757) 220-3200 253-4377 TDD, 1657 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg
  • Riverside Behavioral Health Center: (757) 827-1001 800 759-1001 TTY 827-3121, 2244 Executive Drive, Hampton, VA
  • Hampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center: (757) 722-9961 Crisis 800-273-8255, 100 Emancipation Drive, Hampton, VA
  • Rock Landing Psychological Group, PLC: (757) 873-1736, 11825 Rock Landing Drive, Newport News, VA
  • Family Living Institute: (757) 229-7927, 1318 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, VA

Online Resources

Other Information

Questions concerning Mental Health Screening?
Please email Richard Hurst: or call (757) 825-2833 or (757) 825-2867