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Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 13 is coming!

As of November 10th, Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 13 will be available. Blackboard 9.1 SP13 continues Blackboard’s move toward the cloud for more services.  It refines the user interface and streamlines a number of processes and adds some new long anticipated features!

New Features:

  • Date Management – After you have copied a course, speed up the transition of old dates to new dates from one convenient location. To learn more, see Date Management.
  • Assessment- *Best New Features*
    • Test Access Log – The access log shows a detailed list of every interaction that students engage in when taking a test. If a student claims to have started a test, the log will show the time the test was started. If a network or internet disruption occurred during the test for example, the log would show an unusual gap in the time.  To learn more, see Test Access Log.
    • New Test Options - Instead of needing to create an entirely new test to accommodate a student, now you can simply create exceptions for several parameters including: Number of Attempts; Timer (example:  many students are allowed extra time on tests); Availability outside of standard date/time restrictions; Force Completion (if they may need to exit and return to the test); You can also control when and how students see the results of their tests. To learn more, see Test and Survey Options.
    • Group Management – Organize, manage, and monitor your virtual groups easily with the new improved workflow. To learn more, see Group Management.
    • Achievements – The achievements tool allows instructors to designate criteria for issuing rewards to students in the form of both badges and certificates. To learn more, see Achievements.

Improved Features:

  • Inline Grading – Among the improvements is if the student has uploaded a file that isn’t in a format supported by the inline viewer,  the Instructor is prompted to download the file in question instead of seeing the viewer. To learn more about the updated features, see Inline Grading.
  • Math Editor – Among the improvements Blackboard has removed the dependence on Java which enables full math-editing capabilities on platforms that cannot run Java in browsers, including iOS. To learn more, see Using the Math Editor.

For all What’s New in Blackboard SP12 and SP13 see What’s New. Note: Not all features that Blackboard offers are available on our VCCS’s Blackboard Learn server. Such as xPlor or Cloud/Social Profile tools.

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Previously in Service Pack 11

Must See

Nice to Know

Brand New

Global Navigation:

  • See New Posts in every course
  • See New Course Updates


  • Due Dates!
  • Filter options
  • Exportable

Video Everywhere:

  • Integrated lecture capture
  • Can be stored in VCCS YouTube

Inline Grading:

  • Grade .doc, .xls, & .pdf files within Bb
  • Add Comments to the submitted file

Retention Center:

  • See who and  number of missed deadlines
  • Select students to be monitored

Assessment Item Analysis:

  • See the average time to complete test
  • Determine which questions are good or bad

Text Editor:

  • Simpler to  copy/paste from Word
  • Mashups are more clearly labeled

Discussion Boards:

  • View and read all threads
  • Require to “Post” first before replying

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions:

  • 2 new options for grading
  • No longer  have to enter every answer combination


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