Gatortation: Student Pre-Enrollment Orientation

A pre-enrollment college orientation session for new students at Thomas Nelson Community College

In preparation for advising, registration and college success, all new Thomas Nelson students are required to complete a Gatortation session, before they can register for courses. Prior to completing Gatortation online, please view this Important Information. Afterwards, return to this web page to complete Gatortation online and to print your Certificate of Completion.

New Students are defined as students who are seeking a Certificate or an Associate Degree, are required to enroll in English or Math developmental courses, or have accumulated 10 credit hours as non-curricular students. Gatortation is not required for students who have earned a Certificate, Associate Degree or higher or have completed SDV 100 (College Success Skills), 101, 108 or its equivalent course.

Instructions: To begin the Gatortation session, please click on the play icon. Once you are done with the current slide, click on “Next Slide” and then the play icon, to move forward to the next slide.

If you have questions about this pre-enrollment college orientation, please contact the Office of Student Success at (757) 825-2827 (Hampton) or the Office of Student Services at (757) 253-4755 (Historic Triangle) or email for more information.