Iron Street Productions Brings Comedic Play to TNCC

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Iron Street Productions will present the comedic play “Five on the Black Hand Side” July 15-24 at Thomas Nelson Community College in the Dr. Mary T. Christian Auditorium on the Hampton campus. The production is open to the public with Friday and Saturday performances at 8 p.m. and 3 p.m. shows on Sundays.

“Five on the Black Hand Side” tells the story of a middle-class African American family headed by Mr. Brooks. The domineering Mr. Brooks is forced to rethink his values when his previously docile wife joins their three children in rebelling against his retrogressive ways. Urged on by her feminist friends, and her militant son, Mrs. Brooks delivers her own list of demands to her husband in effort to change his tyrannical ways all before their daughter’s wedding which takes place in two days. Due to adult content, parental discretion is advised.