Thomas Nelson Community College Code of Ethics

Published: June 16, 2010

Creating an environment that fosters civility, mutual respect and professionalism has been one of my highest priorities. Quite simply, maintaining the highest level of civil discourse and integrity is not only core to our values, but also essential to our success.

I am pleased to announce that the College Board has approved the Code of Ethics for Thomas Nelson Community College. The Code was drafted by the College’s Commission on Civility, Ethics and Professional Conduct and presented to the College community earlier this year. Much of the feedback collected was used to finalize the document and will be used as part of implementing the Code.

Please take a moment to view the Code of Ethics at the following link:

We will include the Code as part of our internal handbooks, policies and procedures. Additionally, the Code is on the College’s website, will be posted throughout campus and provided to new students and employees. Your role is essential in promoting a positive learning and working environment. Thank you for your continued support of this endeavor.

With warmest regards, I am

Alvin J. Schexnider

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