Thomas Nelson Community College in the Arts: Faculty and Students Exhibit Art Work on Various Locations on the Peninsula

Published: September 28, 2006

Thomas Nelson Community College faculty and students are currently presenting their art work in various locations on the Peninsula, including the College’s Hampton and Historic Triangle campuses, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center and the Suffolk Museum. The on-campus art exhibits are free and open to the public.

Thomas Nelson Community College Professor and Student Exhibit Art Work at Peninsula Fine Arts Center
The works of Thomas Nelson Community College Painting Professor, Mary “Beth” Dupree and art student, Susan Rillet are featured in the Peninsula Fine Arts Center 2006 Biennial Exhibit. Dupree’s work, “Shades of Women,” is mixed media and Rillet’s is a drawing entitled “Gill.” Tony Hepburn, an internationally known artist, juried the exhibition. The exhibit runs through Oct. 29 and features 150 works by 90 artists from 22 states.

Mary E. “Beth” Dupree ? “Shades of Women”
This work is a statement about abused women. She used fabric, paper and acrylic to create this work taking cues from the materials throughout the process. A window shade provided the support for the collage materials. The women’s profiles were made by using different sizes of cardboard as a mask, then spraying different colors of paint on the edges to give the shape of the profiles. The lace curtain represents femininity. In her mindscape, Dupree pictured a woman peeking from behind a curtain, anxiously wondering if the abuser is near. As an acrylic/collage/mixed media artist, Dupree said she enjoyed the feeling of the physical process: the tactile materials, the adhering and the painting, which all contributed to the creative assembling of this piece. “I was completely engaged and stimulated by the entire process,” she said.

Moving frequently as a military wife, she studied painting at several universities including the Vermont Studio School, Rhode Island School of Design, and multiple museum workshops. She received an M.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her works are exhibited in group shows nationally and in private collections. Having retired from teaching art in the public sector, she is presently an adjunct professor of painting.

Susan Rillet ? “Gill”
Susan Rillet is a Fine Arts major at Thomas Nelson. She has exhibited in Genesis 2005 and 2006. Genesis is a college student-juried exhibit held annually at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. In 2006, she was awarded the Thomas Nelson award in Genesis for her painting, “Walter.” She has also exhibited at Hampton Bay Days in 2006.

Rillet is a York County resident.

Thomas Nelson Faculty to Present Art Work: “Art Moments: Our Muses Exposed”

A new exhibition for the month of October 2006 at Thomas Nelson Community College’s Library Gallery, is a two-person show by adjunct art professors Mary “Beth” Dupree and Maggie Bowen. The title of the show promises that the artists, ever in a mode to educate their students, will share the sources of their inspiration (their muses) along with their imagery. Dupree is well known locally for her acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings and paper collages. Bowen is a fiber artist currently producing art quilts featuring updated traditional geometric backgrounds with transfer imagery and surfaces rich with thread painting. The opening of the show is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 5 at 5:00 p.m. The show will run until the end of October.

Sponsor Name: Thomas Nelson Community College, Hampton, Virginia
Show Place: Library Gallery on the Hampton Campus
Show Title: “Art Moments: Our Muses Exposed”
Opening/Closing Dates: Oct. 5-31
Artists/Media: Maggie Bowen, fiber artist (art quilts), and Mary “Beth” Dupree, painter

Spirit Man by Mary “Beth” Dupree Detail from Reef Convergence by Maggie Bowen

Thomas Nelson Community College Art Student to Exhibit Art Work at Historic Triangle Campus

Thomas Nelson Community College student, Jessica Dame will present a collection of her art work at the Historic Triangle campus Oct. 4 through Oct. 31. Preliminary is a collection of 25 works of art including oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor, photography, pastel, charcoal and pencil. Dame has previously exhibited her art work at the Phoebus Art Factory in October, 2005. Paintings on display are for sale.

An opening reception for the show is set for Monday, Oct. 9 at 5:30 p.m.

This exhibit is part of an effort by Fine Arts Professor Simone Warren to provide a venue for Thomas Nelson students to display their art work. “These exhibits are an effort to give the students the feel of what is required to become a professional artist, the work, the dedication, the willingness to get out in front of the public and risk criticism in order to stand up and express something that really means something to them. The community is invited to view this exhibit,” said Warren.

Thomas Nelson Art Instructor Mark E. Miltz Exhibits Solo

Thomas Nelson Community College Fine Arts instructor, Mark E. Miltz has a solo exhibition entitled “SUBTERRA incognito” at the Suffolk Museum. The show includes paintings, sculptures, video and more than 100 drawings. The exhibition runs through Oct. 22.

The opening is concurrent with that of “From Angels to Zeppelins, Celestial Images in Arts: Celebrating the Arts in Suffolk – Past, Present, and Future.”
The museum is located near downtown Suffolk at 118 Bosley Avenue.

Thomas Nelson Community College Art Show: Three Generations on Canvas

The oil paintings of Thomas Nelson Community College Fine Arts adjunct faculty Simone Warren are currently on display at the College’s Historic Triangle campus. The oil paintings on display are from the permanent collection of Maurell M. Siemon, mother of Simone Warren. Warren and Siemon are residents of Williamsburg.

The Historic Triangle campus is located at 161-C John Jefferson Square, Williamsburg. The exhibit will be up through Sept. 30. The community is invited to view this art exhibit. For information, please call 253-4300.
About the Exhibit:

This exhibit consists of 20 oil paintings, many large format by Warren from the permanent collection of her mother, Maurell Siemon. This is an exceptional collection of works because they all revolve around members of Warren’s family covering three generations. The first painting prominently displayed at the administration building’s entry is of Mrs. Siemon and Col. Gus Siemon on their way to the coronation celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in Vienna, Austria six years after the end of WWII.

For the strictly hat and gloves affair, Col. Siemon dons in the old summer, khaki, Air Force dress uniform. At that time he was serving as Air Attaché in Vienna. Mrs. Siemon is pictured in a black and white polka-dot skirt made of woven straw since regular fabric was so scarce after the war. They are standing next to the old family woody station wagon. This is the painting shown in the photo accompanying this article. In front of the painting stands Mrs. Siemon today next to Mike Bruno, Dean of the Historic Triangle Campus. Among many other interesting paintings in the exhibit are a painting of Mrs. Siemon’s Green Beret son, Bud, with his Vietnamese scout in Vietnam, a beautiful sunset on the James River and a painting of Mrs. Siemon’s grandson, Charles Warren, sitting in front of a computer with the family dog “Looking for a Cookie.” This exhibit provides a candid look into the life of a family as seen through the eyes of an artist and a member of that family.

In the pictures below, Warren and former Thomas Nelson student, Phyllis Faas walk through the art exhibit.
About the Artist: Simone Warren:
Warren was born Simone Siemon in Washington D.C., six years after the end of WWII. The family was almost immediately sent to Vienna, Austria where her father served as Air Attaché during the occupation of the city. Afterwards, the family moved every three to four years with the Air Force to South Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, and finally, Ann Arbor, Mich.

She attended Cornell University College of Art and Architecture where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She then received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia. While in Georgia, Simone developed a personal friendship with Henry and Kay Ransom and became an apprentice under Mr. Ransom, a major figure and portrait painter from the south. Most of Simone’s paintings are influenced by the everyday life and scenes of the South.

Simone, a Williamsburg resident, has exhibited her oil paintings in many art galleries in Norfolk, Richmond, Alexandria, Virginia Beach, Washington D.C. and Detroit.

Picture caption: Mike Bruno, Dean of Instructional Services for the Thomas Nelson Community College Historic Triangle campus is accompanied by Ms. Maurell Siemon, mother of Thomas Nelson faculty Simone Warren. They are standing in front of one of Ms. Warren’s oil paintings.


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