Thomas Nelson Community College Unveils New Brand Identity

Published: August 24, 2006

The Virginia Peninsula – Thomas Nelson Community College has unveiled its new logo after a branding campaign that began in January. In addition to the new logo, the College has also adopted a new branding statement that reflects Thomas Nelson as an institution. The new branding statement is “Explore. Excel. Succeed.”

“The introduction of the new College logo along with a new branding statement aims to clearly express the growth and development of the College,” said Dr. Charles A. Taylor, Thomas Nelson President. “The contemporary look of the new logo reflects a progressive student-oriented learning and working environment where students come to explore the opportunities and find that with the support of the faculty and staff they can excel and succeed in achieving their educational goals.”

Created by Thomas Nelson Computer Arts student Janet Segovia, the logo was among the top five of 48 designs submitted to members of the College’s Internal and External Marketing Task Force Councils. These task forces were comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, students, business and community leaders. The new branding statement was among the top seven of 38 statements created by the Internal and External Task Force Councils.

Segovia explained that her design is a modified version of the courtyard sculpture near the Mary T. Christian Auditorium on the Hampton campus. “Its two upward, curving lines, holding up a third far reaching line represents the flexible and supportive environment of the College in meeting the needs of the community and helping students succeed,” she said.

Dr. Taylor congratulated Segovia on her design and commended others who participated in the branding campaign for their dedication to the project. The entire College community along with select business, industry, media and school system representatives throughout the community took part in the selection process through focus groups, discussions and surveys. Carnegie Communications, a consulting firm based in Massachusetts hired by the Office of Public Relations, Marketing, and Special Events, facilitated the focus groups and surveys to help the College reach its branding objectives. In a survey of 390 participants, the new logo was favored by 51 percent.

“We are very thankful for the time and dedication put forth by the two marketing task force councils who worked diligently over several months to arrive at a logo that is both creative and smart,” said Cecilia Ramirez, Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Special Events. “They provided an open exchange of marketing and advertising initiatives, information and feedback to enhance the image of the College through consultation with key stakeholders; to benchmark with the best practices in advertising and marketing and to provide resourceful solutions that position, advertise and publicize the strengths and core competencies of Thomas Nelson.” The groups performed a SWOT analysis to identify the College’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They also examined the College’s current identity, and explored ideas about how Thomas Nelson Community College can be recognized in the community.

The Office of Public Relations, Marketing, and Special Events recently launched a campaign titled, “Explore. Excel. Succeed.” to introduce the new logo to the community. The new logo and branding statement will help build a brand identity for Thomas Nelson reflecting the mission and vision of the College. The new logo will be used on the College’s website as well as flyers, advertising, letterhead, business cards, signs, stickers, shirts and all materials generated to promote Thomas Nelson Community College.

For information, please contact the Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Special Events at 825-2725.


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