Thomas Nelson Introduces New Text Message Reminder for Students

College students are known for communicating via text, so Thomas Nelson Community College is joining the conversation with TextAim. The College uses the text messaging system to remind students about important deadlines. Most of the messages students receive will come from Thomas Nelson’s admissions staff. “This is a great program because it allows us to communicate to a large population of students very efficiently and effectively,” said Dr. Daniel Lufkin, Vice President for Student Affairs at Thomas Nelson.

Thomas Nelson introduced TextAim one week before fall semester began to contact previous students who had not yet registered for classes. The 160-character message addressed each student by name and included the following message. “This is Joe from Thomas Nelson CC. We don’t show you registered yet and classes start next week. Can I help you?”

The message was simple yet personalized. The name “Joe” is used to make the message more personal for students and is an acronym for Jobs, Opportunities and Education. Upon receiving the first message, students may opt out of the program by simply replying to the text message with “STOP.”

Feedback has been positive from Thomas Nelson students. “As long as the students are happy, we will continue to use TextAim as an added alternative to communicate. Communication is always a challenge, so I believe the more methods we can offer, the better off we are,” Dr. Lufkin said.

For more information about Thomas Nelson’s use of TextAim, please contact the Office of Public Relations at 757-825-2725.