TNCC Adds New Courses for Spring 2012, Registration is Underway

Published: December 5, 2011

Several new classes join Thomas Nelson Community College’s (TNCC) offerings for spring semester 2012. Spring classes begin Saturday, Jan. 7. Students may register and make tuition payments in person on the Hampton and Historic Triangle campuses, or online at The deadline for tuition payment is Friday, Dec. 9.

Among new classes is Animation I (ART 203). The four-credit course introduces the basic techniques of animation, both traditional and computer generated. Students will learn a variety of animation techniques through lectures, presentations, classroom work and outside assignments.

Also new, Introduction to Alternative Fuels and Hybrid Vehicles (AUT 230) introduces current trends in alternative fueled vehicles including current alternative fueled vehicles. The three-credit class also covers the safety precautions necessary for working on hybrid vehicles systems. Among new health offerings is Health Care for Athletic Injuries (HLT 156), a three-credit course that covers recognition and management of head and spinal injuries, fracture, strains, sprains and cardiac emergencies. The course also teaches prevention and care of sports-related injuries.

Other spring semester classes include Introduction to Computer Science, Computers and Information Systems, Database Fundamentals, Web Page Design I, Introduction to Engineering Technology, General College Physics I, Algebra I & II and Principles of Accounting I. Spring semester classes will also include Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing and History of Western Civilization I & II, English as a Second Language, and many more.

For more information, call the Hampton campus at 825-2800, the Historic Triangle campus at 253-4755 or visit the website at A complete schedule of classes is listed on the web.


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