TNCC Adds Two New Health Courses for Fall Semster

Published: July 29, 2011

Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) has expanded its offerings for the fall semester to include HLT 140: Introduction to Health-Related Professions and HLT 230: Principles of Nutrition & Human Development.

Introduction to Health-Related Professions is a two-credit course that introduces students to the responsibilities of healthcare professionals, identifies internship and residency requirements, and examines the demand for health professions and more. Instructors will use multimedia, team activities and facilitated discussions to explore the demand for health professions and create education and employment plans to help students achieve their goals.

Students who plan to pursue a career in nutrition will benefit from HLT 230: Principles of Nutrition and Human Development. The three-credit course outlines nutrition needs at various stages of development and examines weight management, the impact of physical activity, safe food handling practices and diet in relation to obesity, chronic diseases and more. Students will also evaluate their nutrition habits and create a personalized meal plan.

In addition to the new courses, TNCC will offer an array of Health offerings during the fall semester, including Introduction to Wellness Concepts and Women’s Health. For more information about all of TNCC’s course offerings, visit our website at


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