TNCC Faculty Member Featured on NPR Radio

Published: January 19, 2010

Professor Lisa Ray of the College’s English Department was recently featured  on National Public Radio (89.5) by StoryCorps.  During the broadcast,  she shared one of her favorite stories — one she frequently uses as an example in her classes.

To see an article about Ray and/or listen to the broadcast, please visit the following link:

StoryCorps is a non-profit organization that encourages listening and sharing stories about individual lives. The StoryCorps trailers travel around the U.S., visiting different cities and allowing people an hour to interview or be interviewed by a loved one. The stories are archived in the Library of Congress, and National Public Radio plays an edited selection each Friday on Morning Edition. The StoryCorps project is the largest oral history project ever undertaken, and only a select number of stories are chosen for broadcast, according to the organization’s website. For more information about StoryCorps, visit

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