TNCC Names Deborah Wright Interim Provost for the Historic Triangle Campus

Published: January 27, 2006

The Virginia Peninsula — Dr. Charles A. Taylor, president of Thomas Nelson Community College, has named Deborah George Wright to the position of Interim Provost for the TNCC Historic Triangle Campus located at Busch Corporate Center in Williamsburg. Wright, who is TNCC Vice President for Workforce Development, will serve as provost for six months and retain her current vice president position throughout the interim.

As provost of the TNCC Historic Triangle campus, Wright will facilitate the development and expansion of academic programs and student and administrative services to meet the needs of the Historic Triangle. She will advocate and assist in acquiring additional interim space, staffing and resources; to extend the services of the Hampton campus more fully into the upper Peninsula and to enhance partnerships with the community, public schools, universities and area businesses.

“Deborah has provided a consistently high level of leadership to make TNCC’s Workforce Development division a national model. She recently was recognized by her peers as the leading workforce development professional in the nation,” President Taylor said in announcing the position. Wright helped win a High Growth Initiative grant of $2 million for advanced manufacturing, and helped make the Peninsula Worklink one stop system one of seven national workforce board models. “This same level of leadership will be beneficial to our Historic Triangle campus,” Taylor said. “The HT campus is growing with over 830 students this past fall, and will continue to grow with the development of a new campus.”

Wright’s previous experience as an occupational technical dean over two divisions and her prior experience operating six outreach sites for Southwestern Oregon Community College included establishing a new campus and acquiring the accreditation approval for the campus.

“One of my goals is to work with the staff to help build a stronger connection between the business community and the campus, acquire additional resources, and facilitate the development of new career pathways programs with the high schools and the universities, especially with the College of William and Mary,” Wright said.

Wright, who is completing a doctorate in Higher Education Administration at George Washington University, has been involved with initiatives in the Historic Triangle for six years and has been a member of the Crossroads Committee. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Washington International College and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership in Teaching from the College of Notre Dame where she received the University’s award for Academic Excellence for her graduating class.

For additional information, please contact the TNCC Office of Public Relations at 825-2725.


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