TNCC Receives Environmentally Friendly Building Grant

Published: September 3, 2007

Thomas Nelson Community College Workforce Development has been awarded a $14,950 Institute of Excellence grant from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) for a Green Building and Reconstruction demonstration project. Funds will be used to create and modify construction modules from curriculum approved by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAH) that promotes environmental sustainability and energy conservation efforts. A portion of the grant will fund an environmental forum with the support of the Virginia Tech Extension Service.

“With this award, the college can initiate development of a full array of Green Construction workforce development offerings in response to community requests, especially on the Upper Peninsula,” said Dr. Denise Siegfeldt, Director of Continuing and Professional Education.

The demonstration project will “provide fertile ground for future grants, positioning Thomas Nelson to compete for major federal funding related to green construction, energy conservation, and environment sustainability,” Dr. Siegfeldt continued.

In addition to NAH, TNCC will partner and collaborate with market leaders including Criner Construction of Yorktown, Ferguson Enterprise, and W.M. Jordan Company in developing the modules which will be taught in Workforce Development classes at the Hampton and Historic Triangle campuses, or at industry locations.

“Through such partnerships, TNCC can grow the pilot project into a comprehensive Green Construction curriculum that can be taught throughout the Peninsula,” Dr. Siegfeldt began. “It is our mission to have this pilot project become one that is supported by the local homebuilding business and industry; one which consistently exceeds national industry standards.”

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