TNCC Receives Update on Air Monitoring Tests

Published: September 14, 2007

Thomas Nelson Community College has received initial results from air monitoring tests conducted by a private contractor on Friday, September 7 in Griffin Hall. Results indicate there is no presence of substances above hazardous exposure levels in the building. The testing contractor has advised that the College can occupy the building. The College is expecting a formal written report to be submitted by the testing contractor next week.

The College’s HVAC contractor has engaged a duct cleaning company to clean and sanitize the existing duct work in Griffin and Wythe Hall. In addition, the College has requested the contractor secure the services of a vendor to perform surface wiping and HEPA vacuuming of the section of Griffin Hall that was closed. This work is commencing today and is expected to be completed by Sunday, September 16.

Based upon these results and efforts, all offices previously relocated, including admissions, registration, records, placement testing, financial aid and the College’s bookstore, should be open in Griffin Hall on Monday, September 17.

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