TNCC Takes Measures for ‘Healthy’ Classrooms

Published: August 25, 2009

Thomas Nelson will react to a classroom concern of contagious disease when information is provided by the infected student, another student, a member of the student’s family, a physician or a public health organization. All actions taken will be handled in a manner which maintains the confidentiality and privacy of the individual.

Students should be advised on course syllabi that they should remain home if they have symptoms like fever and/or vomiting that may endanger the health of fellow students, faculty, and staff. Course syllabi should also advise students to contact their instructors by phone if they suspect they have contracted a contagious disease that would cause the student to miss more than a day of class.

Instructors should report immediately to the respective Dean any reports of serious contagious disease that may cause risk to employee or student health like meningitis, H1N1, measles, mumps, and mononucleosis. The Dean will immediately contact the student to assess if the student has been evaluated by a heath agency and to give guidance on notifying the College of his or her health status in order to continue attending class and/or participating in any TNCC activity.

The Dean will notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs when the student is medically cleared to return to class and give the Vice President for Student Affairs a copy of the student’s medical statement that allows the student to return to class and/or participate in any TNCC activity.

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