Southeast Virginia Rapid Response

SEVA Rapid Response helps employers keep the workers they have and helps dislocated workers transition to new jobs.

If you are a business anticipating closing, downsizing, or expanding, or a dislocated worker, SEVA offers many resources to assist in your workforce transition, regardless of where you are in the business cycle. SEVA Rapid Response provides a skilled workforce for the future through quality coordinated Workforce Re-engineering and Re-employment Service. The SEVA Team delivers a systemic approach involving partnerships of the community, service providers, and the Virginia Workforce Network; and in so doing becomes a major driver in regional workforce and economic development initiatives. The SEVA team also offers customized on-site services. The SEVA Rapid Response Service and Work Plan is designed to accommodate all worker informational needs and schedules. Led by a transition services consultant, coordinating a staff from the Virginia Employment Commission, the local One Stop Workforce Center and the local community colleges,  the team delivers needed services under the SEVA Rapid Response Service and Work Plan.


Losing a job is stressful. SEVA RAPID RESPONSE can help. The SEVA team provides professional assistance to workers who lose their jobs because of a business closure or workforce reduction. Contact us to learn about the following opportunities:

  • Occupational retraining
  • Job opportunities
  • Filing for unemployment benefits
  • Funding for retraining dislocated workers
  • Testing and assessments
  • Resume’ and interview preparation
  • In-demand career information


The SEVA RAPID RESPONSE team helps your business access and leverage public and private resources to minimize the impact of disruptions on your workforce, your business and the communities where you do business. The team also helps expanding companies connect with skilled employees. If your company is growing, SEVA RAPID RESPONSE offers access to a pool of skilled workers from companies that have downsized

Layoff or Closure

The decision to layoff or downsize employees is difficult. SEVA Rapid Response quickly coordinates services to provide immediate aid to employers and affected employees. Inviting SEVA Rapid Response to your work-site early allows Virginia Workforce Network (VWN) team members to present possible economic access to networks and resources that may avert or minimize the impact to your business and employees. Our knowledgeable staff also disseminates information to companies on the federal requirements or laws for notification, including the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. If layoffs are necessary, SEVA Rapid Response offers free on-site services to help workers transition through this difficult time to re-employment as rapidly as possible. Free services include:

  • Layoff Aversion Resource Planning
  • Orientation to Unemployment Benefits
  • Job Skill Matching
  • Pre or Post Layoff Occupational Retraining
  • Job Opportunities
  • Filing for Unemployment Benefits
  • Worker Skill Testing and Assessments
  • Resume and Interviewing Preparation
  • Labor Market information on in-demand careers
  • Access to Workforce Investment Act Funding and Other Federal Funding for dislocated workers

WARN ACT Eligibility

Rapid Response teams can provide information on federal requirements or laws for notification, including the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

Businesses with 100 or more full-time workers that deem it necessary to do any of the following meet WARN Act requirements:

  • Close a facility or discontinue an operating unit with 50 or more full-time workers
  • Layoff 50-499 full-time workers (and these workers must comprise at least 33% of the total workforce at single site of employment)
  • Layoff 500 or more full-time workers at a single site of employment

Contact the SEVA Rapid Response Team

Curtis Wray, SEVA Rapid Response Coordinator email: Phone: 757-825-4064 Fax: 757-865-5885 600 Butler Farm Rd., Hampton, VA 23666 *SEVA Rapid Response is a partnership between Virginia Community Colleges, Virginia Employment Commission, WIA One-Stop Centers and Economic Development Offices in the region.

SEVA Rapid Response is an Equal Opportunity Program. Auxiliary Aids and Services are Available Upon Request To Individuals With Disabilities.