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Academic Divisions

We are poised to resume in-person classes Monday, Jan. 24. College officials remind everyone that face coverings will be required while in College buildings and off-campus educational sites. 

Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences photo

Arts, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Ursula Bock, Dean of Arts, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences

(757) 825-2799

Hampton campus, Hampton III, room 725

Health Professions photo

Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services

Paul Long, Dean of Public Safety, Allied Health and Human Services

(757) 825-2808

Hampton Campus, Hampton III Building, Suite 747


Science, Engineering, and Technology photo

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Dr. Charles DeSassure, Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

(757) 825-2898

Hampton campus, Hastings Hall, room 321

Academic Division Programs

AAS Accounting 203
CSC Accounting 221-203-02
CSC Accounting and Financial Analytics 221-203-08
AS Business Administration 213
CERT Business Management 223
CSC Business Principles 221-212-04
CSC Digital Video 221-512-04
CSC Financial Services Management 221-212-11
CSC Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership 221-212-13
CERT General Education 695
AAS Graphic and Media Design 506
AA Liberal Arts 648
AA Liberal Arts w/Music 648-04
AA Liberal Arts w/Theatre Performance 648-05
AAS Management 212
AAS Management w/Marketing 212-02
CSC Photography 221-502-01
CSC Project Management 221-212-21
AS Social Science 882
AS Social Science w/Education 882-01
CSC Supervision 221-212-25
AFA Visual Arts 561


AAS Administration of Justice 400
CSC Administration of Justice 221-400-01
AAS Administrative Support Technology 298
AAS Administrative Support Technology w/Communications Management 298-01
AAS Administrative Support Technology w/Medical Office Administration 298-02
CSC Administrative Support Technology: Medical Office Assistant 221-285-01
CSC Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) 221-146-08
CSC Benefits Program Specialist 221-480-14
CSC Certified Medical Administrative Assistant 221-285-89
CSC Child Development 221-636-04
CSC Clinical Medical Adminstrative Assistant 221-285-89
CSC Critical Care Education 221-146-10
AAS Dental Hygiene 118
AAS Early Childhood Development 636
CERT Early Childhood Development Assistant 632
AAS Emergency Medical Services 146
CSC Emergency Medical Services-Intermediate to Paramedic 221-146-05
CSC Emergency Medical Technician 221-146-01
CSC Fire Alarm Systems 221-427-10
CSC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Leadership 221-427-54
AAS Fire Science Technology 427
CSC Fire Sprinkler Systems 221-427-11
CSC Foundations of Criminal Justice 221-400-45
AS Health Science 620
CSC Healthcare Technician 221-157-04
AAS Human Services 480
CERT Legal Assistant 261
CSC Legal Office Specialist 221-260-01
CSC Managing Early Childhood Programs 221-636-61
CSC Nurse Aide (Healthcare Technician) PENDING VCCS APPROVAL
AAS Paralegal Studies 260
CSC Practical Nursing to Professional Nursing 221-156-07
CSC Pre-Dental Hygiene 221-118-02
CSC Pre-Nursing Studies 221-156-02
AAS Professional Nursing 156
CSC Structural Firefighting 221-427-12
CSC Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant 221-480-30
CSC Youth Development 221-480-62
AAS Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Technology 736
CSC Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Technology 221-736-03
CSC Advanced Mechatronics Technology 221-736-05
CSC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 221-903-10
CERT Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 903
CSC Application Development for Mobile Devices 221-299-45
CERT Automotive Technology 902
AAS Automotive Technology 909
CSC Cisco Networking 221-732-10
CSC Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology 221-729-01
CERT Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology 727
AAS Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology 729
CSC Cybersecurity for Enterprise 221-732-15
CSC Cybersecurity for Local Area Networks (LAN) 221-732-16
CSC Cybersecurity Networking Foundations Level I 221-732-08
CSC Electrical Engineering Technician 221-941-02
AAS Electrical Engineering Technology 941
AS Engineering 831
CSC Foundations of Electrical Engineering Technology 221-941-01
CSC Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Technician 221-719-71
CSC Industry 4.0 221-736-20
AAS Information Systems Technology 299
AS Information Technology 340
CSC Introduction to Cloud 221-299-50
CSC Manufacturing Technology 221-990-50
AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology 956
AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology w/Marine Engineering 956-01
AAS Mechanical Engineering Technology w/Mechanical Design 956-02
CSC Mechatronics Technology 221-736-01
CSC Precision Machining Advanced Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Technology 221-883-14
CSC Precision Machining Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Technology 221-883-13
CSC Programming Applications and Gaming 221-299-70
AS Science 880
AS Science w/Computer Science 880-01
AS Science w/Education 880-02
AS Science w/Math Education 880-03
CSC Small Unmanned Aircraft Flight Technician (DRONES) 221-810-05
AAS Technical Studies w/Engineering Technology 718-04
AAS Technical Studies w/Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology 718-02
AAS Technical Studies w/Technical Supervision 718-08
CSC Web Design Specialist 221-352-02
CSC Welding Technology Advanced 221-995-02
CSC Welding Technology Basic 221-995-01