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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Statement

We are committed to exploring and understanding our similarities and differences and fostering inclusive working and learning environments that promote respect and appreciation for our diverse cultures, beliefs, lifestyles and perspectives.

Institute of Diversity and Inclusion

The Thomas Nelson Institute for Diversity and Inclusion (IDI) is a multi-tiered professional development program that prepares participants to explore the internal dimensions of diversity with a clear understanding of why each component is relevant to the work environment and betterment of the College. Focusing on diversity in the contemporary workplace and community, IDI will explore topics such as resolving conflict in a multicultural environment, generational differences, work style preferences and dispelling myths and misconceptions about various groups – gender, religious, racial, and disability.

The Institute is a collaborative effort between Thomas Nelson and the City of Hampton.

  • Level I – This program allows participants to explore the layers and dimensions of diversity while providing a broad perspective on how the views of the world are influenced by personal attitudes and assumptions. Participants look at the relevance of diversity and inclusion in the context of relationships and personal effectiveness. Target audience: All faculty and staff
  • Level II – Program participants will broaden their experience and exposure to diversity through exploration of their personal reactions and perceptions. Increased awareness and knowledge of how hidden disabilities, religious diversity, race, culture and sexual diversity impact their relationship. Target audience: All faculty and staff
  • Level III – Prepares our managers and supervisors to lead in a diverse and inclusive environment. Participants learn new and different skills, abilities and perceptions that are required to effectively respond to current realities for effective higher education management. Target audience: Supervisors and managers

Virginia Community College Diversity Initiatives

The Chancellor’s Teaching Fellows Chancellor’s Faculty Diversity Initiative (CFDI) is designed to expand our recruitment efforts in order to reach potential applicants who have traditionally not been candidates for employment within the VCCS.  Our goal is to build a more robust talent pool from which to select the best part-time faculty.

The Virginia Community College Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Success webinar series

Diversity and Inclusion Webinar Series (PDF)

The purpose of this webinar series is to share information that was presented during the October 2016 Diversity, Inclusion and Student Success conference. The webinars will help to build capacity and advocacy for the success of our diverse student body and workforce.

Upcoming Events

  • Month of March  - Women’s History Month
  • March 8, 2017 – Thomas Nelson Professional Development Day – “Building Excellence through Communication”
  • March 30 – March 31 2017 - Virginia Community Colleges Black Concerns Commission Annual Symposium

To learn more about the BCC and the upcoming Annual Symposium, visit www.vcca.edu or contact Bernadette Battle at bernadette.battle@southside.edu or 434-949-1063.

Previous College Events

  • February 10, 2017 - Thomas Nelson’s Evening with Nikki Giovanni

To learn more about participating in the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, contact Human Resources at (757) 825-3621 to register for the next session.