Senior Citizens Higher Education Program | Thomas Nelson Community College

Senior Citizens Higher Education Program

A senior citizen is any person, who, before the beginning of any semester in which they claim entitlement to the senior citizen educational benefit is 60 years of age and has had legal domicile in the commonwealth of Virginia for one year. The senior citizen may take courses without paying tuition or mandatory fees, except for course-/program-related fees, under certain conditions.

Requirements for Admission

The senior citizen shall meet the appropriate admission requirements of the institution and may be admitted to a course only on a space available basis after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated (published on the Academic Calendar), unless the senior citizen has completed 75 percent of the degree requirements necessary for a degree.

Requirements for Taking a Credit Class

Upon determination that a person qualifies as a senior citizen, the College may require the senior citizen to submit the appropriate documents verifying their income, in addition to the completed senior citizen waiver form each semester in which the senior citizen requests enrollment for credit. If the senior citizen had a taxable income of not more than $23,850 for Virginia income tax purposes for the year preceding the year in which enrollment is sought, the individual may take a course for academic credit. If the person’s taxable income exceeded $23,850, the individual may only audit the course for free. A senior citizen, regardless of income level, may take a non-credit course for free.

Requirements for Auditing a Class

Senior Citizens seeking to audit a course, will need to gain permission from the appropriate Academic Division. Please note that the registration date for the Senior Citizens in Higher Education Program is the first date students are eligible to request enrollment into courses for audit purposes. In some cases students that intend to audit, will not be granted permission to register immediately.