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Virginia Placement Test - Practice Test Instructions

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05/28/2020 - 10:49am
  1. Go to the link below and complete the required information.
  2. At the login, click Student Self Registration
    • ​Enter the following on the Student Registration Page:
    • Institution: Select VCCS Practice Test Institution 
    • Site: Select VCCS Practice Test 
    • Site PasswordVirginiapt 
  3. Complete the rest of the Student Registration Form.
  4. Click Submit. An account will be created with your entered information & email as your username. You may exit the site and log-in at a later time using this account username & password, if needed.
  5. You will see five practice test links; select the appropriate test for you needs. If you aren’t sure which test to take, please contact us at
    • VPT-English Practice Exam: Addresses the content of English Units 1-6, and 8 
    • VPT-Math Practice Exam 1: Addresses the content of MTE 1-5. 
    • VPT-Math Practice Exam 2: Addresses the content of MTE 6-9. 
    • VPT-Math Practice Calculus without Trig: Addresses Calculus content without Trigonometry. 
    • VPT-Math Practice Calculus with Trig: Addresses Calculus content with Trigonometry
    • Note: The VPT-English Practice Exam does not contain an essay, but please keep in mind you will be required to write an essay when taking the actual VPT-English Assessment.
  6. Click on the blue test name link after completing the practice test in order to view the score report. You may need to click "Print View" to save or print a copy for your college.
  7. Your test results will take the form of a bar graph. Any bar 60 percent or better means you would pass that Unit/Skill on the actual placement test. 
  8. Please send the copy via email to for assistance. If you are unable to save the results please email us with your name and Student ID (EMPLID).