Faculty & Staff Directory | Thomas Nelson Community College

Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department
Abrahams Shaheem Biology
Adams Penny J Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Adrian Elise Dental Hygiene
Akhavi Seyed Science, Engineering, & Technology
Akom Karen Adams Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Albertini Franz Workforce Development
Alekseyev Roman Information Technology
Alexander Michelle Health, Physical Education, & Wellness
Allen Terry Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Allen Kim Academic Affairs
Alphin Caroline G. English
Alston Esther Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Alvis Billy Plant Services
Ames Nedria Shondrell Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Anderson Crystal Advising
Anderson Amy Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Anderson Jr. William Michael Science, Engineering, & Technology
Antignano Daniel Health Professions
Archer Kadisia Student Activities
Ashe Amy Emergency Medical Services & Fire Science
Ashley Tracy Development
Askew Robert Business
Aukland Cheryl Information Technology
Bailey Teresa Finance & Administration
Bailey Nancy Office of Student Services
Bailey Lisa Information Technology
Bailey Katrina Advising
Baker Belinda Communications & Marketing
Bala Bala G Science, Engineering, & Technology
Balawajder Clare Michelson Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Ballard Melodye Information Technology
Baltrusaitis Anne E. Student Success
Banks Lynette Information Technology
Barber Carolyn Information Technology
Barbour Jo Ann TRIO - Student Support Services
Barnes Darlene Office of Secondary School Programs
Barnes Shanda Enrollment Management
Barnes Fred Reginald Student Success
Barnett Stephanie English
Barnett Jeremy T Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Baskerville Kevin G Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Bass Claude Plant Services
Batten Thomas L English
Bavaria Christopher J Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Beasley Beth English
Beazley Harold Wade Science, Engineering, & Technology
Beiser Paula A Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Belch Ella Learning Resources
Bellamy Natalie Enrollment Management
Benfield Suzanne L Health Professions