Faculty & Staff Directory | Thomas Nelson Community College

Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department
Lechner Zachary Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences
Thompson Zachary Plant Services
Blow Yvonne Student Affairs (Testing Center)
Mohammed Yousuf Shaker Science, Engineering, & Technology
Pearson Yolanda C Health Professions
Holmes Woodrow C Lathan Health Professions
Stewart Windy Information Technology
Tweel III William Theodore Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Anderson Jr. William Michael Science, Engineering, & Technology
Rogers William J Student Success
Steere William G Science, Engineering, & Technology
Kelly Jr. William E Science, Engineering, & Technology
Estep William Plant Services
Martin William Health Professions
Moberg William Information Technology
Scheepers William Plant Services
Tweel, III William Business, Public Services, Information Systems and Mathematics Division
Ventura William Communication Studies
Moore Will Learning Resources
Grove Wheston Provost Office
Zeller Walter G Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Robinson Vonda Learning Resources
Keithley Virginia Student Support Services - TRIO
Mathis Victoria N Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Sanders Victoria Theater
Thompson Victor Harold Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Herzog Vickie Learning Resources
Lambert Veronica Dorothy Michelle Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Dempsey Veronica Advising
Burge-Hall Valerie Health
Bock Ursula Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences
Patterson Tschenavia Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences
Curry Troy Health Professions
Veach Travis Emergency Medical Services
Munoz Tracy Michelle Health Professions
Ashley Tracy Institutional Advancement
Crawford Traci D Student Success
Lovelace Torbet Health Professions
Thomas-Gray Tonya Workforce Development
Darnell Tonya Advising and Transfer Center
Farley Tony Workforce Development
Meranda Toni M Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Colonna Toni Plant Services
Croft Tonesia Dawn Health Professions
Boward Todd Dwayne Science, Engineering, & Technology
Washington Tina Louise Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Sherwood Tina C Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Seabron Tina Information Technology
Olson Timothy A Science, Engineering, & Technology
Goodrich Tiffany M Health Professions