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Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department
Batten Thomas L Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Kolba Thomas J Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Rockson Thomas English
Nystrom Theresa Mathematics
Brown Terry Business Office Administration
Allen Terry Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
Wagner Terry Development & Alumni Affairs
Giles Terri D Business Development and Corporate Training
Scott Terrence HVAC
Russell Teri Allegra Health Professions
Frazier Teresa Early Childhood Education
Bailey Teresa Financial Services
Golub Tatiana Mathematics
Bosley Taron Campus Police
Jawhar Tariq Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Dangerfield Tamra Science, Engineering, & Technology
Wright Tammera Office of Student Services
Bybee Tamika Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs
Lawson Syreeta Enrollment Management
Hubbard Sylvester ITE
Poosson Sylvain World Language
Demeo Suzanne Wheeler Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Lindley Suzanne Office of Secondary School Programs
Marcinkus Susan Rita Science, Engineering, & Technology
Zehra Susan Science, Engineering, & Technology
Stainback Susan Nursing
Generazio Susan Office of Student Services
English Susan Academic Affairs
Lawlor Susan Learning Resources
Aysheshim Surafel Economics
Crawley Sunny Sheliese Science, Engineering, & Technology
Davis Summer Physical Education
Wilson Steven L Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Wells Steven Edward Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Brady Steven C Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Mauter Steven Health Professions
Zanetti Steven Economics
Torone Steven Plant Services
Felker Steven Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Carpenter Steven Finance and Administration
Debusk Stephen Woodrow Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Foster Stephen Information Systems Technology
Durbin Stephanie Wright Health Professions
Cruz Stephanie L Science, Engineering, & Technology
Harry Stephanie Dawn Science, Engineering, & Technology
Barnett Stephanie English
Comer Stephanie Learning Resources
Blankenship Starsha Seeta Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Grzeda Stanislaw Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Dabney Stacy Beatrice Student Success