Faculty & Staff Directory | Thomas Nelson Community College

Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department
Rondeau Laura
Allen Kim Academic Affairs
Lambert Julie Academic Affairs
Vance Jason Academic Affairs
Daube Elizabeth Academic Affairs
English Susan Academic Affairs
Mason Barbara Academic Affairs
Smith Ruth Academic Technologies
Gabriel Alex Academic Technologies
Hiotellis Sofoklis Accounting
Hines Kelly Accounting
McAllister Jeralyn Accounting
Somerset Cynthia Administrative Support Technology
Putnam Darlene Administrative Support Technology
Hamilton Jeneen Admissions Registration & Records
Starkes Marilyn Advising
Bailey Katrina Advising
Dempsey Veronica Advising
Gray Melissa Advising
Burford Sonia Advising
Waddell Peggy Advising
Weaver Karen Advising and Transfer Center
Darnell Tonya Advising and Transfer Center
Giscombe Peter Art
Dean Michelle Art History
Jackson Angela Athletics and Intramurals
Tussing James Automotive
Burge Mark Automotive
Spencer Jacqueline Biology
Ouellette Donald Biology
Artis Candice Biology
Zahn Kimberly Biology
Martin Jennifer Biology
Zahn Martin Biology
Evans Ann Biology
Abrahams Shaheem Biology
Song Pengfei Biology
Faison Janelle Business
Robertson Sandra Business
Askew Robert Business
Hemenway Jerry Business Development & Corporate Training
Giles Terri D Business Development and Corporate Training
Herbin Corey Business Development and Corporate Trainng
Ross Lakeera Business Office
Washington-Bey Kristina Business Office
Smith Rauslyn Business Office
Derby Amy Business Office - General Accounting
Gillespie Gil Business Office - General Accounting
Carlson Maria Business Office - Student Accounting
Sparrow Cheryl Business Office - Student Accounting