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Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department
Carbaugh Kathy Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs
Carlson Maria Business Office - Student Accounting
Carpenter Steven Finance and Administration
Carper Jack Emergency Medical Services
Carr Donald Learning Resources
Carson Hanna Emergency Medical Services
Carter Lloyd Emergency Medical Services
Carter Arnesia Business Office Administration
Castagna April Anne Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Charity Erica President's Office
Charland Carmen Enrollment Management
Chew III Richard S Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Chhatrala Shrina CHSS Advising Center
Christie Deborah Gerling Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Clark Crystal Nursing
Coffey David Police Science
Coleman Curtis Information Technology
Collier Amanda Michelle Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Collier Mark Plant Services
Colonna Toni Plant Services
Comer Stephanie Learning Resources
Conrad Maia T Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Cook Dana Enrollment Management
Cooley Brian Science, Engineering and Technology
Cooper Rita M Health Professions
Copeland Catina Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs
Corobana Agata Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Cosby Sr. Delwyn Arnet Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Cotman Sharon Information Technology
Cox Meghan Health Professions
Coy Damien Emergency Medical Services
Crawford Traci D Student Success
Crawley Sunny Sheliese Science, Engineering, & Technology
Creech Cassandra Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs
Croft Tonesia Dawn Health Professions
Croteau Brian Roland Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Crowther Melissa Business Office Administration
Cruz Stephanie L Science, Engineering, & Technology
Curry Troy Health Professions
Dabney Stacy Beatrice Student Success
Dangerfield Tamra Science, Engineering, & Technology
Daniels Demario Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs
Darling Elizabeth Learning Resources
Darnell Tonya Advising and Transfer Center
Das Sankar Science, Engineering, & Technology
Davis Summer Physical Education
Davis Renee Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs
Dean Michelle Art History
Debusk Stephen Woodrow Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Deets Frederick J Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences