Faculty & Staff Directory | Thomas Nelson Community College

Faculty & Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department
Abrahams Shaheem Biology
Adams Penny J Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Adrian Elise Dental Hygiene
Akhavi Seyed Science, Engineering, & Technology
Akom Karen Adams Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Albertini Franz Career Services/Workforce Transitions
Alekseyev Roman Information Technology
Alexander Michelle Health
Allen Terry Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
Allen Kim Academic Affairs
Alphin Caroline G. Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Alston Esther Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Altinsoy Nuh ITE
Alvis Billy Plant Services
Ames Nedria Shondrell Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Anderson Amy Paralegal
Anderson Jr. William Michael Science, Engineering, & Technology
Antignano Daniel Health Professions
Archbald Andrew Mathematics
Archer Kadisia Student Activities
Artis Candice Biology
Ashe Amy Health Professions
Ashley Tracy Institutional Advancement
Askew Robert Business
Aukland Cheryl Information Technology
Aysheshim Surafel Economics
Bailey Katrina Advising
Bailey Teresa Financial Services
Bailey Nancy Office of Student Services
Bailey Lisa Information Technology
Baker Belinda Public Relations & Marketing
Bala Bala G Science, Engineering, & Technology
Balawajder Clare Michelson Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Ballard Melodye Information Technology
Baltrusaitis Anne E. Student Success
Banks Lynette Enrollment Management
Barber Carolyn Information Technology
Barnes Darlene Office of Secondary School Programs
Barnes Fred Reginald Student Success
Barnes Shanda Enrollment Management
Barnett Stephanie English
Barnett Jeremy T Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Baskerville Kevin G Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Bass Claude Plant Services
Batten Thomas L Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Bavaria Christopher J Communications, Humanities & Social Sciences
Beasley Beth English
Beazley Harold Wade Science, Engineering, & Technology
Beiser Paula A Business, Public Services, Information Systems & Mathematics
Belch Ella Learning Resources