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Early Alert

Important Message

Thomas Nelson campus offices in Hampton and Williamsburg remain closed to the public through June 12, reopening June 15. Classes have resumed through virtual, or alternative delivery, and the College has moved to a telework environment. Student services are available online. Registration is now open online for summer and fall classes. Visit tncc.edu/emergency-preparedness for more information.

04/01/2020 - 4:43pm

An Overview

Thomas Nelson Community College students, at times, struggle to be academically successful.  They may frequently be absent, miss assignments, or perform poorly on assignments. In addition, they may not know where to go for assistance. The Early Alert system provides faculty members with a simple way to identify the students who may need assistance, and it generates an email to the students to them know what resources are available to help them be successful.

The Process

At key points in the semester, instructors identify students who are not demonstrating good academic behaviors. Identified students receive an email alert requesting that they meet with their instructors. Instructors have the ability to raise alerts on individual students who exhibit behaviors that could impede academic achievement at any point during the semester as well.

Once the alert has been issued, a Student Services team member reaches out to students to help them if they have been identified as being absent from the first class meeting, in danger of failing, or general concerns. If the instructor identifies a student as having an academic challenge, then the instructor will identify the student and ask the student to come to see him/her. The Student Services team member and the instructor seek to:

  • recognize academic challenges,
  • pinpoint strategies to address those challenges,
  • take advantage of campus resources, and
  • celebrate academic victories.

Types of Alerts

Instructors issue alerts regarding:

  1. assignment concerns for students who receive low scores on assignments.
  2. attendance concerns when students miss class or are late throughout a     term.
  3. general concerns for students who have extenuating circumstances such as homelessness, counseling needs, mental health issue, in need of food, etc.
  4. in danger of failing when students are in danger of failing and require immediate intervention.
  5. low class participation for students with low participation/engagement in     class,
  6. low quiz/test scores when students receive low scores on quizzes or tests.
  7. never attended when students do not attend the first class in a course.

Early Alert Access

Early Alert can be accessed by signing in to MyTNCC.

Early Alert Training Handouts Access

Training handouts are available by clicking the appropriate link located above in the upper-right hand corner. Information includes how to take attendance, issue alerts, manage cases, view/document notes, and close cases.


If you have questions, please contact Dr. Monette Dutch at either dutchm@tncc.edu or 757.825.3549.